Policy on Matted Hair

A matted coat can be caused by neglect, not enough professional grooming, a lack of brushing. Fleas can also cause matts if the dog is constantly scratching.

A matted coat is extremely uncomfortable for your dog, it can inhibit the dogs ability to move freely. Skin cannot breathe easily and sensitive skin can pull on walking, moving. And matts are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria causing skin problems, getting matts wet also breeds bacteria.

The only solution for a matted coat is a complete clip off. The clipper blade needs to get under the matt to safely remove it and will get very close to the skin, this in itself can sometimes cause problems such as irritations, as the skin is suddenly released from the coat causing itching which the dog may want to scratch.

It is very difficult to remove a matted coat and only a very competent groomer should tackle this treatment. The knots pull the skin on removal which can cause discomfort to the dog, and sometimes the dog may be accidentally nicked with the clippers. Also otherwise well behaved dogs may behave differently under these circumstances.

If we suggest your dog’s coat to be clipped off, it is for the benefit of your dog. It won’t always look great, but sometimes there is no option.

If you don’t want your dog’s coat short, remember to brush everyday and stick to the groomers schedule for your dog. For more grooming advice or short demonstration on how to brush your dog, speak to one of the team.